Do you need help with hoarding?

Are you a property owner or do you have a loved one that you think might be dealing with a hoarding disorder? There are a few beginning signs to look for if you believe you could be dealing with a hoarding situation and you want help quickly.

First, be on the lookout for signs such as:

•Food or trash build up to unsanitary levels and in odd places
•Difficulty managing daily activities or trouble making decisions
•Shame or embarrassment leading to little social interaction
•Excessive attachment to possessions and discomfort of items being moved or stored elsewhere
•Cluttered living spaces including but not limited to counters stacked high with contents, narrow pathways in living areas and disorganization

These are just a few signs but very serious signs that will help you with your assessment. The next step is understanding why hoarders are living this way.

Understanding Hoarders

Hoarders believe that the items they are hoarding will be helpful or useful in the future regardless of their monetary value or usefulness. The idea of throwing items away gives anxiety to hoarders so they continue to hoard to prevent angst.

How ServiceMaster of Redmond can help

•Remove clutter and clean up debris
•Help locate lost jewelry, hidden money and/or other valuable items
•Coordinate recycling and shredding
•Help distribute donations
•Assist in distributing kept items to family members (local and national)
•Facilitate paperwork required by government agencies, lawyers and trusts

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Why ServiceMaster of Redmond?

  • An understanding of the disorder
  • A proven process
  • The right team