Local Satisfied Customers


"Very quick response and come to the house to evaluate the problem. They worked hard after hours to set up the equipment for the water damage. Very professional and courteous with us. Explained all of our options very well."


Lynnwood Resident

“I wanted to let you know that Juan has been the greatest person to work with during the ‘drying out’ of my condo kitchen the past 10 days or so. He has been very businesslike, upbeat, smiling, great English. He has been a perfect gentleman. One day when I was taking a bigger box upstairs to my condo, he came over and offered to take it to my door. Now that is a cool guy. He also kept me up to date daily on what was happening and when they would be here the next day. I believe Juan is a great asset to ServiceMaster. All of those working with him have been true professionals.”


Tukwila Resident

"I do want to say that I have great respect for ServiceMaster of Redmond because you stand by your word and your services are impeccable. Everyone that I have met is extremely professional yet very friendly with a positive attitude. I would recommend ServiceMaster of Redmond to anyone in need of your services."


Property Manager

"I wish to commend your company on the caliber of wonderful people you have working for ServiceMaster. All of them, could not be nicer, kinder, or more attentive to me and my physical limitations, as well as my husband’s…. ServiceMaster should feel so proud and honored, that you have had the foresight to employ individuals with such humanity.”


Kirkland Resident

"The entire process was first class. The removal of the damaged materials was efficient and the unit was in first class condition when it came time to basically rebuild the entire condo unit. The pack out, storage, and return of the items from our unit was done quite professionally."


Seattle Resident

"I want to compliment Pam and Scott and Sofia and her crew for your kindness and efficiency and hard work cleaning my mess, packing and unpacking, etc. All the others you had come, the carpet cleaning, furnace cleaning and painting were so easy to work with and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate you all.”


Bothell Resident

“Our entire basement was flooded and we were out of the State. Service Master was at our house within hours mitigating the damage. I appreciate their quick response and effectiveness.”


Bonney Lake Resident

“When our ‘flood’ happened, due to a pipe in the master bath, we were overwhelmed. ServiceMaster of Redmond came late at night, cleaned up the water, set up equipment. You answered all our questions, reassured us and gave us peace of mind. Efren, Paul and Salvador were very nice to have help us. They worked very hard with knowledge and dedication.”

Jim and Joyce

Lynnwood Residents

My adjuster referred you. Thank you for your great service!

Vernon Stroud

Monroe Residents

On each time each day. Very efficient and great communication. Great job!

Therrell Michael

Snohomish Residents

Excellent and very professional men that came to my home for water damage. Juan Vergara and Jose were so polite and courteous. This says a lot about your company by the people you employ. I am very happy with the services you did for me. Thank you.

Diane Janisko

Marysville Resident


Operations Director


I'm about to send Dana a note I'm going to cc you on but want to send this quick note first to thank you so much! As I told you on the phone, you've been wonderful and kind and I'm so appreciative during this particularly horrifying experience, and you were quite right about Amanda - she's lovely. And just as nice and caring as you said she is. She'll be back with a crew tomorrow morning to empty the homestead.

I really can't tell you how safe you all have made me feel. Yesterday morning I just didn't know where to turn.

I've still got the big reconstruction things to get sorted out, but I know my things are being attended to. I'm grateful.

Kristine Bammert

Co-Owner of Quality Digest

On July 5, 2017, I was on a canal boat in Amsterdam cruising to a dinner meeting when I received a call saying, “We need immediate access to your condo; water is rushing into the street from beneath your front door.” And my heart stopped beating for a moment.

Floods are serious. Even as water gives us life, it can destroy, and quickly.

My tale of woe is nothing compared to what thousands of U.S. citizens are facing in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The news during the past weeks has shaken me because I know how bad my little flood was. For me, the water was only an inch deep, but it was an inch that ruined the entire lower level of my home. The floors are gone, wallboard destroyed, cabinets ripped out. It breaks my heart to think of what several feet of water have done to people’s homes, and lives.

After the meeting in Amsterdam, we were scheduled for a two-week cruise through the fjords of Norway, and that was an appointment I was keeping no matter what. I was assured by my property manager that everything was as good as it could be at home, that my interests were being looked after, and initiated a claim with my insurance company. Demolition had taken place, floors ripped out and the like, and the water mitigation was being handled. I was told my home would be dry when we got back and ready to begin the job of restoring order.

We returned July 23, and I was horrified by the chaos and destruction. I knew it was going to be bad, and I was braced for it, but nothing prepared me for what I found. Company X, the mitigation company, had swept through like a pack of wild dogs and caused far more damage than the water had. They were totally careless with our possessions, totally rough with the way they tore things apart. It was devastating. And I was angry. My customer experience was very poor, to say the very least.

I was also confused, probably a bit in shock, and I really didn’t know what to do. I spoke with the property manager who I thought had kept a good eye on things (he hadn’t), but he wasn’t helpful. I spoke with the contractor the property manager said I needed to use, and he wasn’t helpful, either. So I called my insurance adjuster. She was helpful. On my behalf, she contacted ServiceMaster of Redmond, Washington, and its representative, Pam, called me within minutes. She listened to my tale of woe with concern, kindness, and good humor, and immediately made plans for how to help.

The first order of business took place that same day when Amanda came to inventory the losses to our personal property. Like Pam, she was concerned and kind. The next morning a crew of five came to dispose of what couldn’t be saved, and store the rest until who knows when. Each person was warm, friendly, and just plain kind—it was precisely the customer experience I needed.

I also had a visit from a contractor, also sent by my insurance company, to put together a quote for the rebuild. That contractor didn’t get my work, though, because ServiceMaster has a sister company, Saber Construction. They have the same owner, they share a space, and they share a personality—of course I picked them. My customer experience sold me.

Everyone was ready to get moving, me most of all, but something just wasn’t right. Even after the ruined rug was removed, and the moldy laptop bag (that was sad), and all the rest, the kitchen still smelled funky. I absolutely didn’t want to get started on any repairs, or close out my claim, if mold was hiding. Logic would suggest that I contact the company that did the original mitigation, but my experience was so poor, I didn’t want them in my home again—I don’t trust them.