Residential and Commercial Water Mitigation

Residential and Commercial Water Mitigation

For Frozen and Burst Pipes, ServiceMaster of Redmond to the Rescue

Frozen and burst water pipes are just two of the weather-related calamities that can befall homes and businesses during the frigid winter months. The main culprits causing frozen and burst pipes are the absence of heat or insulation near pipes, plus exposure to a flow of subfreezing air. When frozen pipes burst and create damage in your home or business, call the water damage repair experts at ServiceMaster of Redmond.

The unfortunate results from pipes freezing and bursting include rapid flooding and damage to floors, carpets, ceilings, furniture and anything else subjected to the spray or inundation of water. Home and business owners need to act fast because the more time that elapses before treatment, the greater the damage. With a quick response, you can save more items in your home or business that might typically be lost to water damage.

Water damage cleanup is among the many disaster restoration services ServiceMaster of Redmond offers in the Greater Seattle area. Based in ServiceMaster by Redmond has been providing professional disaster restoration services since the mid-1990’s.

Following a water damage incident, our drying and restoration process may require up to three phases before completion. These steps include emergency service and site inspection, reinstallation/cleaning and structural repairs. Other services include water removal and drying, plus emergency disinfection and electrical and plumbing services.

To prevent water supply lines and pipes from freezing, it is highly recommended that home and business owners take the following precautions:
• Drain water from swimming pool and water supply lines according to manufacturer’s directions.
• Remove, drain and store hoses used outdoors.
• Check around your home or business for pipes and water supply lines that are located in unheated areas.
• Consider installing specific products to insulate water pipes. Examples of these products include UL-listed heat tape or pipe sleeves.
• Consider relocating exposed pipes to provide increased protection from freezing.
• Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature during the day and night.
• Leave the heat on in your home or business set to a temperature no lower than 55° Fahrenheit if you will be going away during cold weather.

ServiceMaster of Redmond is prepared to handle your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Give us a call today at 425-867-5035.

How to Easily Deep Clean Your Home for the Holidays

Young woman cleaning kitchen

Declutter your home

This is the time to get rid of any items that do not have a place in your home, or to simply find a new place where they do. The tricky part is being honest with yourself. When decluttering your home, you need to recognize the items that you really do and do not need. Psychology Today advises those of you who have trouble giving things away to ask yourself this question, “If I was buying this today, how much would I be willing to pay for it?” This trick will help you recognize how valuable the item truly is to you.

Clean the Windows…All of Them

If you want to know how to really clean your house, the trick is to be thorough! While cleaning your windows,inside and out, you’ll want to start by vacuuming the sills and tracks. Then coat the window in your favorite window cleaner and let it sit for about 1-2 minutes. After it has soaked, squeegee the window in one direction from the inside and then in the opposite direction from the outside. This way, you’ll be able to spot the streaks much easier.

Clean In and Around Appliances

This is meant for your kitchen’s large appliances. Since this chore is largely overlooked throughout the year, you may be surprised how filthy the items, walls, and floor have become in those areas. Thoroughly clean your refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove inside and out before pulling them from the wall to clean their surroundings (if possible). To make this chore even easier, wait until your refrigerator is almost empty so you won’t have to worry about cleaning around the food or leaving it out for too long.

Dust, Dust, Dust

You wouldn’t believe how much dust blankets your home, even when it’s not in plain sight. Freshen up the room by vacuuming every upholstered surface, dusting all of the frames and artwork, underneath the electronics, and within the pantry and cabinet shelves.

Deep Clean the Floors

This is one of the more difficult checklist items, as all pieces of furniture must be removed from the rooms you are cleaning. However, using cheap furniture gliders makes it much easier! Once all your furniture has been removed (and we mean all of it, not just the smaller pieces), then you’re ready to clean the floors! Use a microfiber mop and a safe cleaner on hardwood floors, and a professional-grade carpet cleaner on carpeted floors.

Re-Stock on the Home Cleaning Basics

Although you may not use them all right away, at least you will have them ready to go throughout the year! Here are just a few basic cleaning items you should stock in your home at least once a year, ideally during your deep cleaning process:

  • Baking Soda
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Streak-Free Glass Cleaner
  • Wood Cleaner (If you have wood floors or furniture)
  • Microfiber Mop
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Multipurpose Cleaner

These are just a few tips that will help you get ready for a cozy day at home with the ones you love or a house full of guests coming in from out of town. There any many other deep clean tips (stay tuned for more) but these basics are a great start and reminding check list to those who are feeling the overwhelming task of preparing your home for company. Regardless, remember that it’s about the memories you create not the press of your curtains or shine of your floors. From ServiceMaster of Redmond we wish you a relaxing, warm and blessed holiday season.


What you need to know about being a homeowner


For most of us, the word “mold” carries a very negative connotation and is something to avoid at all costs. Mold is often a very unwelcome guest in our homes or businesses and rightfully so, as mold can produce some significant health problems for people with allergies, weakened immune systems (the young, the old, diabetics, etc.), or people who have just been over-exposed to mold spores. In addition to health problems, mold can cause a significant amount of damage to property over time and can be difficult to remove if left unchecked. So if mold is so bad it begs the question; why don’t we attempt to eradicate it? What purpose does it serve?

Many people do not realize that despite mold’s bad reputation as portrayed in today’s media, mold is an important, everyday part of our environment and serves a critical function in the ecosystem of the Earth. Mold (a species of fungi) is natures’ recycling agent and the primary way organic material (dead plants, animals and insects) are recycled by Mother Nature. Without mold, we would have an over abundance of organic waste with no real way to decompose or dispose of it. There is no question that without mold, our ecosystem would be in serious jeopardy and our environment would be overcrowded with dead plants, animals, and insects.

So which is it? Is mold a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is both. Mold becomes a problem for us when it invades areas that it should not be found areas such as inside the bathroom wall cavity as the result of a water leak, or inside an attic space that does not have proper roof ventilation and excess moisture. When mold starts to encroach upon the indoor environments we live and breathe in, we must take proactive steps to address that mold and ensure it is properly remediated and removed from those places.

Mold requires two things to be active; water and a food source so when you suspect a mold problem may exist in your home or business, it’s best to search areas where water intrusion or condensation may occur and organic material can be found (drywall paper, wood, excessive dander from people or pets, etc.). A local water mitigation/mold remediation company can often greatly assists with this process and will often do an initial inspection for free. They can also provide recommendations to address the moisture issues as the mold will continue to grow so long as the moisture is present. Even properly remediated mold can return if the water problems are not fixed.

When it comes to removal of the mold once the water intrusion issues are addressed and the colony is located, it is highly recommended that a qualified mold remediation specialist first inspect the situation before opting to handle the mold yourself. Small areas of mold can sometimes be handled without the assistance of a certified mold remediation specialist, but it’s best to get recommendations from them on how to complete the remediation effectively and safely. Alternatively, you can also contact a local Certified Industrial Hygienist to conduct a series of tests to determine if there are elevated levels of mold spores in your home or business and help locate and address the source of the mold. This is the best method for determining if mold exists in areas that are not able to be visually inspected or are otherwise inaccessible or in cases where a large amount of mold (greater than 10 sq feet) are discovered.

Mold in its natural environment is a good thing and something not to be feared. But it should be respected when it encroaches upon our lives. With the proper understanding and guidance by professionals, mold is something that can be easily dealt with.

For more information on mold or questions about specific mold problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ServiceMaster of Redmond (425) 867-5035.

How to upgrade your home with this fall cleaning checklist


Did you know that fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning? Most people schedule their annual cleaning during the spring in preparation for summer. However, the summertime can also take its toll inside and outside of your home, and it’s important to prepare for winter’s potentially extreme weather. As the air begins to cool and the brightly colored leaves grace our lawns, it is the perfect time to start the chores on your fall cleaning checklist. To help you get started, we have compiled some of the most important household tasks to consider this season.


Why House Cleaning in the Fall is so Important

Not only does conducting annual fall cleaning prepare your home for winter, but it also has many health benefits. Having a clean home is  proven is make you feel less stressed because everything is easier to find and it’s a relief to return to a haven that is organized and tidy. It also prevents pest infestations and other harmful substances from making themselves comfortable in your space, especially since they will be seeking refuge from the cold weather. Your home’s overall appeal is improved when it is cleaned and inspected annually, making it a more enjoyable place to be for your family and your guests.

Your Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Inside the Home 

  • Wash all the windows. Save this chore for a cloudy day, as it will be easier to spot any streaks.
  • Clean and organize all kitchen cabinets. This will come in handy when you’re ready for holiday cooking.
  • Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils.
  • De-clutter and organize all the closets.
  • De-clutter and clean the attic and/or basement.
  • Check the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are in good working order.
  • Replace your furnace filter if you haven’t already done so within the past 3 months, especially if you use a lot of heat during the winter.
  • Buy at least 3 furnace filters for you to change monthly during the winter season.
  • Drain the sediment from hot water heaters.
  • Check your dryer’s tubes for any excess lint. This could cause dryer fires!
  • If you haven’t had the carpet professionally cleaned this year, do so now!
  • Clean the whole family’s bedding at least once every month.
  • Vacuum and spot-clean any upholstered furniture.
  • Sweep out the chimney in preparation for winter.

Outside the Home

  • Check and clean any fallen leaves from the gutters.
  • Spray off and/or clean any outdoor furniture.
  • Check the exterior paint and touch up as needed. It will make for pleasant curb appeal during the winter.
  • Inspect external doors (garage doors, front doors, etc.) and install weather-stripping as needed.
  • Drain and put away the garden hoses.
  • In high-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems drained of all water.
  • If applicable to your region, drain the pool.

Don’t Have the Time to Fulfill This Fall Cleaning Checklist? We Can Help!

ServiceMaster of Redmond has been providing professional residential cleaning for over 25 years, and our experience has prepared us to give your home the attention it deserves. Our technicians are equipped with professional training, green-cleaning products, and unwavering customer service, so you can sit back and relax while we take care of the dirty work for you! Want to get your office space ready for winter? We also offer commercial cleaning to offices and institutions in the King County area. No matter what you need, we are committed to bringing you only the highest quality cleaning services. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you this fall!